This Saturday, August 23, guitarist Gary Adams and I will start recording tracks for our first EP. We’ve picked three classic Pippa Hoover songs united by a common theme: sea creatures! Can you guess the songs? (answers at the bottom of the post!)

We’re excited to begin the recording process, and plan to update you with stories and pics as the EP comes together. We’re also not set on a title yet, so if you have a great title idea, leave it in the comments.

We’re hoping to release the EP as soon as possible, because we’re already starting to think about a full-length album. Actually, I’m thinking about two full-length albums – I’ve got over thirty songs waiting to be recorded, after all. My plan is to put my older songs on the first album and my newer songs on the second.

The full length albums won’t be happening until further in the future, but I’d love to get your feedback now. That way, when the time is right, we’ll be ready to make the best albums possible.

Of all my songs, which is your favorite? Even between two albums, there won’t be room for all the songs, so I need your help deciding which ones make the cut. Tell me the one song you’d most like to hear on an album in the comments below.

(Check out the songs and lyrics page if you need to refresh your memory on songs or titles.)




Songs on the EP: “Shells,” “Save a Dolphin,” and “Rusty Hook”


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