I’ve been trying to catch “Sally’s Song” on video for months now (mostly because it’s my boyfriend’s favorite) and it finally happened! Check out the video below to see Gary and me playing it at Mystery Brewing Pub in Hillsborough, NC.



I came here skinny, patchy, and scrappy

With burrs and spider webs caught in my fur

I came here half-starved, freezing, and tired

Meowing my desperation at your door


You gave me canned tuna and I was grateful

You made me a bed in the back of the barn

And after some time you found me beautiful

You started to think that we could get along


That I’d come when you called

That strange sounding new name that’s not mine

That I’d sit in your lap or I’d sleep

Curled cozy and content at

The foot of your bed


But I’ve been handed down

Passed on like a present no one really wants to keep

So I’ve already learned

Not to trust the hand that feeds me


Now we’ve been spending so much time together

And I happily let you touch me sometimes

But you still can’t believe I startle so easy

Still can’t believe I won’t come any closer


I’ve been kicked, I’ve been caged

So I bolt at the first sound of stomping

Or the touch of two hands. I retreat

To a low, dark place with strong walls

And no easy way in


I may close my eyes and purr now

I may squirm with pleasure when you touch my cheek

But I’ve already learned

Not to trust the hand that loves me


So I keep my claws out

And I sharpen my teeth

But most importantly, I keep my legs strong

So I’m always ready to leave



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