Last month, Gary and I played at a couple open mic nights at The Big Easy in Raleigh. The first time, Sinbad was there, so that was awesome.

The second time was a little different. First, no Sinbad. Second, no boom mic. For those who don’t know, a boom mic stand has an arm rather than being a straight vertical pole. This arm is what allows me to play the cello and sing at the same time – without it, it’s very difficult to get close to the mic without hitting myself or my instrument on the mic stand.

So, no boom mic. I thought I was doomed, that I would have to sing without the cello. But, I decided to try to work with the regular mic stand. I put it between my cello and my leg, then wrapped my arms around it. To my shock, I was able to play! It certainly wasn’t comfortable or easy, but I made it work. And, I we caught it on video!

So, this month, I bring you proof (though slightly blurry proof) that it is possible to play cello and sing without a boom mic. Who would have thought?

Watch the video below:


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