Mark and I just played our first official live show at The Eddy in Saxapahaw!

We worked for six months writing, learning, and perfecting our set. We’d had some great dress rehearsals, but you never really know how you’ll sound playing live until you do it. I’ll admit I was a little worried I would forget the words to all my songs, fail miserably at talking to my audience, or fling my bow across the restaurant in the middle of a solo.

But none of that happened, and the show was a success! The Eddy was super, super packed, which made it a little hard to hear, but we were very happy to have such a big audience. (And if you were part of that audience, thanks so much for coming!)

For this month’s music video, we’re posting two videos from our show at The Eddy. We’ve included the lyrics if you’d like to read along. Check out them out below:

“After It Bites”


I find myself in a forest of rusty-barked pine trees
And reddish oak leaves rotting
The air thick, sweating

The path that I’m following forks without markers
The deer trails and access roads crisscross,
Wind around, getting

Tangled and as I move on
Something slithers behind me
It rustles the leaves
I don’t want to see

It’s not that I’m lost here, I know where each trail ends
The middle’s the mystery
Making me feel out my way

I’m scared I keep missing the scenic route
Up to the summit, still circling the base
Or wandering astray

And as I walk, pressing on
Something slithers beside me
It weaves past the trees
I don’t want to see

Crossing a wildflower meadow
Scales flash against grass, I jump back, I change routes
But back at the wood’s edge, two beady eyes glare up
From underneath pine needles, sweet gum fruit

Now I sprint fast for the creek bed
It stalks behind, lazy, the water’s long dry
I’m losing my way and my breath
And I’m wondering how much its fangs will hurt, whether I’ll die

Now every step that I take
It’s there coiled before me
Skin mottled, brown-red
Raising it’s diamond head
Trembling green-yellow tail
Opened mouth glossy, pale
Lunging straight for my ankle

It feels better after it bites
The venom is nothing compared
to the dread or the running

“Save A Dolphin”



In the cold aisle I’m awaiting
Someone who’s looking for
Something intoxicating

Off the shelf, down the belt
In the sack, out to your car
I’m sitting shotgun

Bumpy ride shaking me
Growing lukewarm in a
Ray of afternoon sun

Why are you surprised all my bubbles turned to foam
When you ripped my top right off the minute you got home?

Wet fingers circling
Metal; lamenting
That cylinders are waist-less

Sipping me, grimacing
You weren’t expecting
Something so flat and tasteless

Why are you surprised by my bitter alcohol,
When you knew full well dark beer wouldn’t taste like cherry cream soda at all?

So pour my marrow down the sink and
Crush my thin aluminum bones
Clip my plastic ligament
Save a dolphin

Save a dolphin

Torn apart, tossed out, in fact, or
Melting in a  furnace,
folding in a trash compactor


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