This week, I’m introducing a new blog series: Monthly Music Videos!

Before you get too excited, let me be clear: these “music videos” will be videos of me  playing music. Don’t expect weird artsy costumes and choreographed dance scenes just yet (though who knows, I might do something like that in the future.)

For now, I’ll be posting either footage from live shows, demos of my newest songs, or clips of me working in the studio – basically, any exciting musical moments I catch on film. The Monthly Music Video will go up the last Wednesday of each month, and if you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be notified the second it’s posted!

This month’s video dates back to last April, and features the song “Swimming Pool” in it’s earliest, cello-free incarnation. (Fun fact: “Swimming Pool” was the first song Mark and I ever played together. It sounds great with the two of us playing, so if you haven’t heard the full version yet, go check it out!)

These days, I rarely play guitar in public, since I’m usually busy on cello. But guitar is still a huge part of my songwriting process. I always begin writing the instrumental parts of my songs on guitar, then add cello parts later. This video gives you a peek into this process and shows you the evolution of “Swimming Pool.” Plus, it’s a rare opportunity see me play my non-primary instrument. Take a look below!



Let me know what you think in the comments!

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